Jacky Blanc, président du directoire de la NEF, présente sa coopérative de finance solidaire

Who are we ?

La Nef is a banking organisation involved in ethical finance. Its purpose is to build a direct link between savers and borrowers who carry out sustainable projects meeting social and ecological criterias. As a cooperative, la Nef collects savings from its co-operators through current accounts and deposit accounts ; it grants loans to professionals and non-governmental organisations in the social, environmental and cultural sectors.

La Nef welcomes all citizens requiring an ethical use of money and willing to promote the development of an economy that is respectful of human beings and the environment.

La Nef has been carrying out and developing its activities for 20 years. It is controlled and approved by the French Central Bank.


Our values: ethics, transparency, solidarity


La Nef provides loans to professionals whose activities contribute to creating social, ecological and cultural benefits more than profit. It puts forward initiatives which enable the development of local economy.


In order to create a direct link between savers and borrowers, la Nef publishes every year in its annual report the details of all projects which have been granted with a loan. As a result, savers can “see” how their money is used ; it also facilitates direct contacts between co-operators.


To provide respect and care for human beings and nature is the primary engagement of la Nef. It provides a bridge of solidarity between those who have money available at one time and those who need money at the same time to carry out their activity. It also means solidarity towards the future generations through the development of ecological and sustainable activities.

Our partners


Members of the cooperative can be individuals or institutions. Larger banks such as the Crédit Coopératif are essential partners in the daily activity. La Nef also works together with the main French and international networks in the social and ecological fields.
La Nef is a member of FEBEA and INAISE amongst a number of other European and international actors in social and ethical finance.

A European ambition


La Nef belongs to the European network of ethical banks, unified in the European Federation of Ethical and Alternative Banks (FEBEA). Its members work towards developing an economy that promotes solidarity, social cohesion and sustainable development, and rejects exclusive financial gain.

La Nef is currently involved in the creation of the first European ethical cooperative bank, working with other partners that promote ethical finance in Europe. This project aims to set up a real alternative in the banking sector, based on ethical principles, transparency and solidarity. The constitution of a working group and the sharing of common values have made it possible to write a “Manifesto for a European ethical bank”, the cultural cornerstone of the project.



Key figures on December, 31st 2010:

The cooperative Nef:

  • Number of co-operators: 27 135
  • Capital: €24 875 160
  • Balance sheet : €321 million

Saving: fund collections were very strong in 2010. The amount of funds directly managed by la Nef grew 25%, reaching €97 million by late of the year; resources transiting through Crédit Coopératif rose 20%, hitting €215 million.

Credits: 236 released loans representing €16.5 million



2010 Annual Report:


Download the 2010 Annual Report in Brief

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