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True Crime Finance Stories – Who’s to blame for the implosion of Greece and the global economy?

On May 5, 2010, I open up the Wall Street Journal and I could puke. There was this photo of a man on fire, just a bunch of flames with a leg sticking…


Occupy the banks, lets fight off the debt, we are all Greeks! (video)

#Occupy the banks in solidarity with Greeks people, Paris on March 3 Music : Windir – Todeswalzer Johann Pachelbel Canon in Ré majeur   Finance seems to run our lives. It certainly controls…


#3-3 Occupy the banks, occupy the debt, we are all Greeks!

Mooney has become master of our lives, it dictates politics The politicians obey always at the same injunctions. They want to impose them so we have to resist! They would want to chain…

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